Who’s Killing Your RAM?



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I have the EVGA 680i. The RAM I have is Cosair XMS 2 2GB kit. The first kit installed nicely. Now the second kit I had to RMA. Just one of the sticks crapped out but would pass a mem test. I do have the new stuff I had took alot of configuration to get it to work.



I've wondered about that. I started my 680i rig with 4 gigs of OCZ 4-4-4-18. Ended up after days of frustration finding a bad stick (one). Worked fine after that. Then another went bad a month later... Found out because I upgraded my ram to Corsair (8 gigs, which I HAVEN'T had any problems with)and put the OCZ in another rig I built. THEN another few boots later, the computer became completely unstable. I ended up buying 2 gigs of Corsair for that new pc and now it runs just great. I threw all my OCZ out, but found it hard to believe that such a reputable company made such faulty RAM. Now I know I could have just gotten bad product... But with this article about the 680i and DDR2 I wonder...

I'm wondering now even more because I just ordered high end Kingston DDR2 9200 for my rig with the 680i because I am not satisfied with the current performance!!! (yes 3 times changing the RAM) I'll keep you posted...



What a coincidence, my 680i burned 2 sticks of OCZ 1066 running @ 2,25V only, it's the third time I'm gonna RMA them but now I already ordered the Kingston DDR2 9200 too! I hope it'll run like hell (but not at hellish temperatures)

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