Where's Dell's Ultrasharp?



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I must be missing something, why keep such a problem in the dark if its just as you mentioned it to be...this is going to crop up all sorts of conspiracy theories...I'll be the first...it causes electrical fires...and cthulu.


Keith E. Whisman

If this LCD is left on without being cycled off at least once for thirtysix hours straight your PC will metamorphose into a green colored Apple IIe computer from twentyfive years ago.
So stay away from these LCD's. You will turn into a hermit crab if you touch a PC that has turned into a green Apple IIe.

Lets just not tempt fate. Destroy those Dell LCD's. If you do have a Dell 30" LCD then you need to destroy it with fire and have a Priest bless your cubicle.



lol, I hear smearing peanut butter all over the monitor helps reverse the issue, but then you're haunted by ghosts of really bad PC hardware and software ideas when you sleep. And you have to keep the peanut butter on the monitor or you have to learn to live as a hermit crab.

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