Where. In the World. Is...

Where. In the World. Is...



So, Murphy, you're going to be a little busy next week, just letting you know. Invest in some Red Bull.


Whatever do you mean, Lord Will?


Well Murphy, we're building this new thing called a "website," and you'll be uploading and/or correcting a number of articles next week. As in all of next week. All day. No stopping.

DAVE'S face gets slightly ashen.


Y...yes sir.


And thus, an explanation as to why Dave "The Murph" Murphy (who ever-so-often changes his first name, depending on the mood) will be a wee behind the furious blogging pace set by his Maximum PC peers. You see, not only is Dave talking in the third person, but he's also busy updating and fixing the very content you're reading right now. In addition to reviewing products for Katherine's June feature. In addition to that, reviewing products for his normal beats -- cooling, cases, storage, rocking out, et cetera.

y0He's also sitting on his car keys right now, which is making a very painful indentation in his right buttcheek. But these are the kinds of details that loyal Maximum PC readers expect with their content, and by all means, this editor blog will not disappoint. God willing, Will might even let Dave hook up a webcam, so everyone can get a first-hand glimpse at what it looks like to update a website. Awe-some.

Speaking of, Dave is actually looking at webcams right now for said feature. And three out of three MPC editors (and one PC Gamer intern emeritus) agree: Logitech's QuickCam Orbit MP is damn hilarious.

And for some odd reason, the fancy spellcheck app on Dave's computer isn't working right now. Accordingly, he is quite upset.



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Hey Dave
I can't help but wonder why heatsinks with excellent thermal resistance which, assuming they fit, should perform well, like Swiftech and Alpha Novatech rarely get reviewed anymore. I know they may be somewhat old-school in some ways but they have evolved just like everyone else at the very least in the performance department. I don't know if anyone has equalled Alpha's hi-tech octagonal pin manufacturing process so it isn't like they're ancient.

I'm asking you about heatsinks because I've bought many and will likely buy more but I am also just curious in all hardware areas why it seems all but the mainstream companies get overlooked in magazines? Sometimes it even seems to carry over to the internet but at least there hardware sites review more than just Creative when it comes to sound cards , for example.
What gives?

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