When Windows XP AutoPlay Goes Wrong, and How to Fix It



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Brett Schealler

No autoplay feature in my whole computer works. the tool reports there are problems with autoplay v2, but says it cannot fix it/them. how annoying.



This is to Brett Schealler. I was wondering if you were able to sort the problem? I have the same thing happening with the same response from AutoFix, "there are problems with autoplay v2, but says it cannot fix it/them", I am totally frustrated. Even the Dell Tech Reps haven't been able to sort it so far. Any help would be appreciated. I have run chkdsk /r from the repair option of XP which found problems and fixed them but I am still having the problem.



my problem is that usb drives never automatically opened as a window upon insertion into a port.now i have two and only two of perhaps a dozen that want to exhibit this strange behavior.stick the drive in and not the usual action menu but a window pops up showing the contents of the drive.how do you stop this annoying spectucal.


Phil Day

Had similar problems with DVD Videos not autoplaying on my Win XP Laptop - tried the Autofix option but no problems reported.

What worked for me was the System File Checker (built into Win XP) i.e. Start then run sfc /scannow

This takes about 1/2 an hour on an average XP Machine & asks you for your Windows XP disk on 1st time of running since it builds a cache of Windows System Files & checks them one by one, replacing any corrupt files as needed.

After the dialogue disappears it is finished & you need to reboot to effect the changes.

I followed by a Repair Install of Nero Essentials ver 7 since the DVD Videos were seen as a DVD-RAM even though SFC fixed the option of DVD Video not being present in Autoplay.

Now autoplays DVD Videos & computer "sees" them as it should.

Phil Day

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