Western Digital Velociraptor



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does this fit in cooler master 840 ?



That is a serious design flaw for my purposes.  I have about 100 Raptors mounted in hot swap bays and Supermicro servers.  I was shopping for a dozen more this week.  Now I find out that WD has dropped the Raptor and eliminated our choice to use the Velociraptor.  That means no sale for WD.  I cannot believe their engineering stupidity.

It looks like we are stuck with 7200rpm sata drives now.



This raptor is every bit faster than its predecessors, you can barely hear the chatter with the hard drive out in the open. It's really silent! I'll be picking up another drive on friday and put them in RAID0.






I know what I want for Chistmas!



It seems that you have to put something down in the negative column. While I and others have no problem with these negatives, somebody may want to put some VRaptors in a NAS Box... which may be less expensive than a NAS Box with Enterprise class 10k RPM drives (I don't price such things). Any such person will be disappointed if they try that.

If the "next gen" HD cage has non-movable connections for power and SATA became standard, we'd probably see a new version of the VRaptor that would fit. This drive is designed to be the fastest Desktop drive for consumers, based on WD's Enterprise class HDs. If it doesn't fit where it's not designed to go (a laptop for example) too bad (I'm sure somebody will try to mod a laptop/VRaptor to fit). For now my VRaptor sits in my tool less HD cage perfectly.



Uh...never could quite figure out MaxPC's hardon for the raptor...fell out of favor on the best of the best list because nobody else made one, according to youse...and now, they make one faster and bigger and the problem seems to be you have trouble with its intended use
(no notebooks, no hotswap drives...boohoo)


It's the fastest...it's the best.
Drop the yeabuts and fall to your knees.

If your only tool is a hammer,
every problem looks like a nail...



Hey, I love my Raptors! Nuf said. Faster is always better and the Raptors are better.

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