Western Digital My Passport Elite



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Yepp got 4 WD Passport drives (4x 500Gb) (powered by the USB port).

2 attached on my laptop (black)

1 Silver & 1 Blue, connected to my Samsung LED TV, using these for movies & music playback.

Performance wise they are ok, not blistering fast, not dead slow, just ok. Damn i luv not having to worry about storage space. These are pretty cheap as well and portability factor is just the best.

For versatility i would rank these kick ass, for performance, well i agree with the 8 or maybe a 7.

Very curious though on OCZ vertex turbo SSD's, hoping we will see those tested by MPC soon :)



Heh, just saw a 500GB USB 2.0 WD external drive at BJ's for $89.00. Not external power supply needed, only a miniature USB 2.0 socket on the thing. Now if it was USB 3.0...

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