Weekend Update: Microsoft Edition, April 2008 [updated]



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It's just soooo precious that ME is trotting around the country buying up company after company. No wonder their software, for what it is, is so expensive. To have an M&A Suoer=Sized Division of do so many deald may be distracting the Chairman Gate & his boy, Pres Ballmer from insuring they do the jobs that have been back-burnered for so long (i.e. delivery of XP SP3). Oh, well, there goes what tiny shred of corporate citizenship and business ethics remained at Redmond. Oh well. So MS is reputed to have 85 - 85% of the vast, huge, immense PC operating system consumer market. A market that is worldwide; truly global..i.e. numbers we mere mortals cannot truly comprehend. So they screw over and piss-off 30 - 45% of tha base and flip them the bird when it comes to XP SP /
It seems it's a Marie Antionette attitude of F___'em "let them eat cake!"
Eds of Maximum PC ( Will, especially) if you continue to move away for this BS problem of getting SP3 out to the people, MS will keep harassing XP users to buy Vista while they feverishly work on another OS so they can dump this EDSEL...and hopefully get both XP @ Vista users boxed-in enough to buy a NEW OS {62:1 odds). GUYS, PUSH MS REPS AND YOUR SOURCES...WHEN DO WE GET XP SP3 ????



Believe me, we're all anxious to see XP SP3. As I posted earlier (http://www.maximumpc.com/article/april_showers_bring_xp_sp3_flowers), XP SP3 is rolling out to the public this coming Tuesday (April 29th). And, to make this date even more solid, Microsoft reversed its earlier decision to hold back distribution to MSDN and TechNet subscribers until early May. They started seeing XP SP3 on Wednesday April 23.
It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



The update is for Bluetooth v2.1 (I've updated the subhead to reflect that). As far as contacting the system vendor, Microsoft's phone list is waaaay out of date (how long has Genoa Systems been out of business?).
Instead, I'd recommend dropping an email to whoever made your Bluetooth receiver (contact the mobo manufacturer if it's integrated).
Thanks for the questions - I'm updating the story to reflect these points.
It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.

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