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Good article! The spirit of sharing is really impressive, and I want to share this article to my friends!



I still have major security concerns about handing over my login info to an untrusted site. Even if the page is telling me that it doesn't cache logins or passwords, that doesn't in and of itself, make it so.

For Firefox users, there is an extension FireFTP http://fireftp.mozdev.org/ The author makes the source available to anyone that wants to see what it is actually doing.

I'm sure there are other plug-ins or extensions for the other competing browsers, but being a diehard Firefox user, its the one I have used for several years.



why so much crap in this comment section?



Yeah these comment sections really need to be cleared out because the spam at the moment is ridiculous.



Been using FlashFXP for many years and every time I try something new I get reminded how badass FlashFXP is... flat out there's absolutely not a single FTP app that even compares (4.0 RC2 is the shizznit).  This FTP app... another reminder why I d/l and install the 30-day free trial if I'm away from my desk (or use the firefox FTP addon... or the integrated FTP in IE).  WebFTPer... BLOATWARE (crapware imho... but will call it bloatware for an already saturated market of FTP solutions, just for the sake of being nice and not at all because the interface is subpar and ugly compared to EVERYTHING else out there).

Oh and btw... wanna get rid of all this spam on mpc.com?  There's another badass [FREE] web app out there called disqus... ummmmm... yeah.  No hints or anything.



FlashFXP is awesome.  No problems there.  :D

And believe me, if I could eradicate the spam, I would.  It's annoying.

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