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The site requires Flash.  As such, you cannot use it with the iPhone to listen to music via the browser.  They also do not seem to have an iPhone app on the app store.  Other than that, I liked some of the mashups they have.  Thanks for the site info.



After seeing 8 spam comments i understand now how horrible it can be with spam filter off. So just keep on 24/7 and ignore those whiners .



i feel bad for the admins, because the minute they remove the spam filter, this happens.

best of luck to you, MPC, in your comment spam filter endeavors.

and no, i will not be wearing cold weather a&f in the summer.



Mighty BOB!

This being Maximum PC you'd think the admins would be 'leet' enough for a recaptcha or visual turing test or something.


Re: Mood music, it's an interesting concept.  It works okay.  I find that Pandora alone isn't good enough because its algorithms will start selecting from a small pool of songs again and again after a while. I have to make several stations in the same rough genre or jump from service to service (such as last.fm or streaming from local radio stations' sites) and my own library to keep it from getting stale.



Don't you worry.  I gave him the nuke.



and the banhammer proves that justice can be served.

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