We Bring the Happy with Windows 7 Launch Week



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ordered mine from that 29.99 student deal :).  got win 7 pro x64 for 30 bucks not too shabby :D.



The comments below are (for the most part) real downers. 

I'm a Linux user, and I say... Here's to more happy! Bring on the Window's content!

... Yeah... I'm upgrading from XP... it's about time...

It's like opening Christmas presents, new releases happen more often in the Linux world, but it seems like this is really something to get stoked about. 




Is Vegas taking book on this yet?   I smell a Vista do-over....aka 21% market share...AFTER SP1 for Win 7 is out!

Just the fact that Dell is "making it easier for businesses to adopt Windows 7", should tell you something.   Yeah, yeah, I know...."shutup you old-azz XP Pro user"....however....I think a lot of Win 7 is great,  really the ONLY thing they screwed up is the GUI.  Well that's not the ONLY thing...but it's the worst of the new OS...and it's the MAIN reason why businesses aren't going to adopt Win 7; and prolly the reason that Dell or is it MicroDell, thinks they have to "help" businesses adopt.

I've siad it before, and yes, I'm gonna say it again....Win 7 would "have been" fine and readily accepted if they had just kept the XP GUI. 

And please don't say XP-mode...we ALL know how well emulation/virtualization work.  The XP GUI is the single greatest thing, I think MS has EVER done....as quoted from Highlander:  "There can be only one" .....and NONE of the GUI's after XP are even remotely usefull or efficient.

Yeah Will S., I know you disagree, but to be honest...you're kinda lost in the techy "looking glass"...I don't know whether its drugs or that you just like women named Alice, but you're losin touch with the rest of the world bro  :/

Sure Win 7 gives me DX11...big whoop...DX10, made ALL the difference (sarcasm)....feel the force, Will, use your powers for good, stay away from the dark side, etc etc.  You are so caught up in "the newer the better" (whether or not, that happens to be a good thing)...that even the Best of the Best..........still has an outdated, no longer available, AMD motherboard on it's list...FOR SHAME!!!!   I think you need to put down your iPhone,  and quit streaming the kitchen sink around your house, and just stop long enough to get back to reality.  Either that or rename the magazine from Maximum PC to:   Hell and Gone, Don't Even Have Reality's Phone Number Anymore, Magazine.

I'm dead serious...you (Maximum PC) are starting to make the same mistakes that MS is making.  No offense Will, but the previous Editor was a LOT less willing to jump on ANYones hype bandwagon, and that was a GOOD thing....there is nothing wrong with "new"....but there is definitely EVERYTHING wrong with the "rush out and buy this, even though noones knows, really KNOWS, whether that's a GOOD idea...yet" idealogy.  

I think it's time for the "Gordon" to take over for a while....at least HE seems to still be attached to planet Earth.

Isn't an editor....supposed to check spelling?  Well here's a few tips from glaring mistakes in just the past few months.

...it's learnED....not learnT

...it's their...not....there, when speaking of possession

Npw some of what I've said here may seem harsh...but I just am going to have to need a very good reason (besides Gordon) to renew my subscription in a few months.

FACTUAL INSTEAD OF WISHFUL IS THE WAY TO GO,  when a LOT of people are practicing what you preach  ^^

4th time I've posted this:   '...that even the Best of the Best..........still has an outdated, no longer available, AMD motherboard on it's list...'



Take an OS, and edit out all the efficiency, and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



I work all day on my Windows 7 computer that I've had installed for a few months. When I go home and use my Vista computer at night I don't feel let down or disappointed in any way. That sums up my opinion of Windows 7. Yawn.



 Changes are always subtle to the casual viewer. 


-- "What am I, MacGyver? Fix it with what?"--




OK. I'm an IT professional who works on computers 10+ hours a day. Does that make me a casual viewer?



Deja vu all over again - one can't help recall the enthusiasm posted by the media and fanbase regarding the last Microsoft OS and where that lead us. Having been burned on that front, let me just say "We'll see" when it comes to adopting Win7.

Meanwhile, calling what should be considered a SP a new OS is, well...unfortunate, but a clever marketing ploy. As Apple will attest to.



 And what do you call Snow Leopard if not a Service Pack? They didn't even change the default wallpaper!

There is a big difference between the super-secret "Longhorn" project and the semi-open release of 7 as a beta almost eleven months ago.  Almost every major hardware producer already sports fully supported Win7 32 and 64 bit drivers on their support pages.  All IT departments that are worth their salt have already been testing 7 in the enterprise environment since the beta release.  The adoption has already begun.


-- "What am I, MacGyver? Fix it with what?"--




 I love how people are still on the "WINDOWS 7 SHOULD BE A SERVICE PACK" bandwagon. The changes made in Windows 7 from Vista are far too many to be a service pack. Everything from the taskbar, to home groups, to security. The changes made, items tweaks and upgrades to existing systems are far too much to be included in a service pack.

Thats like saying that Windows 98 should have been a service pack to Windows 95. Or how about Halo 2 and 3 being just expansion packs to Halo.

With how well Windows 7 has been recieved since the beta was released last year has been amazing! People were stating (I was one of them) that it could have been RTM at the RC stage. Yes, Vista has it's issues. Those issues were resolved with SP1 and anything that was still around were resolved in SP2.

If you want to bitch about a company selling the next version of an OS as an entirely new OS instead of a service pack, then bitch about Apple. I can understand them releasing a new OS on the Intel platform as that was a compelte change in the underlying code, however the new versions released since then have essentally been really expensive service packs IMO.

You may be skeptical right now about Windows 7, however I'm not paid by Microsoft, neither are a lot of other people that post here, and if we say that Windows 7 is the best Windows OS to date, you can be sure that we aren't having our opinions affected by money or freebies. Once you try it, and ACTUALLY try it, don't do like what some people have done, install it, use it for 5min, bitch and complain, rant and rave, then format and go back to XP. I'm sure you'll change your mind and agree with the rest of us, that this is a proper successor to Windows XP and that it's time to move on. We've already got a few people here who refuse to leave the dark ages, and they're the ones that are going to be struggling to get software or hardware to work with their aging XP system when the rest of us are running along fast and smooth with our Windows 7 boxes.


sorry, I had something in my throat


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



I don't need a new OS. 



I already have Windows 7 Ultimate.



I ordered my "release date" from amazon.com and took off Friday to have fun.



ZOMG I CAN'T WAIT. I ordered 2 OEM Home Premium disks from Newegg for $200. WOOOOT.


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