Freeware Files: Turn your PC to Self-Cleaning Mode, and More!



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<a href="" title="crm">crm</a> :I tried Manic time and process hacker on my two machines and what I felt is that manic time need less configuartion and more user friendly ... how ever i did not noticed any real difference in performance .. Jeff



I am going to try it out wish me good luck MARKR405



Murph:  I was hoping to be able to watch streaming vids on Hulu as well as tv shows from network sites while I'm overseas but they block foreign ip addresses.  Any decent and safe tools that can simply mask the ip address without crippling my ability to watch streaming video or am I stuck with a Slingbox for the next couple of years? 



The belvedere stuff can all be done with a simple script and a scheduled task. Now, the USB drive fresher could be useful. My USB stick is like a manwhore it does not discriminate. Going cross platform puts a ton of 'hidden' files on the root of the drive; shoot many windows pc's do the same thing. 

I suppose a script could be written to clear these files as well but depending on the footprint of this program it may be worth while.

I don't see much advantage to Process Hacker over the Sysinternals Process Explorer that has been around for years. 


The Manic Time results could be disturbing and possibly better not talked about. :)





Immunet just sounds like a bad idea. If it ever got compromised you'd have real-time updates to whatever malware the would-be-hacker fancies. An instant bot-net, if you will.



Immunet does not work on 64-bit systems and Belvedere is a piece of crap.






I prefer the use the program Whats Running for finding hidden programs running on my comptuer.

Not only do I get the running processes I also get the services, modules, IP Connections, Drivers and the startup items. I can also right click on a process it will look up the process on google and I can then tell if there might be a virus or something. 




I don't know. Using the cloud to scan my personal files seems a little too risky for my likings... 


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