Firefox Add-on of the Week: Tab Mix Plus and VertTabbar



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I used to use VertTabBar  until I discovered Tab Kit (currently rocking v. 0.5.8). What I like about this is the tab trees. When you open up a link in a new tab it opens up as a child to the current page; you can double click on the parent to collapse the tree so the tabs don't take up as much space when you want to concentrate on another tab/tab tree. It's much, much easier to manage/organize tabs. I highly recommend using Tab Kit.



Great picks! Tab Mix Plus is simply awesome - been using it for several iterations of Firefox now. And if you're not down with the sidebar tab layout, you can configure Tab Mix Plus to display tabs in multiple rows (Tab Mix Plus options>Display>When tabs don't fit width>Multi-row).

The developers don't always have a compatible version ready when Firefox releases a new major build, but they do usually at least have a development/beta build available in their forum - LINK

-Paul Lilly



Tools that let you use the left and right hand sides of your screen are amazing, especially with wide-screen monitors. I think Opera's sidebar and customizable toolbar locations is really forward thinking. I hope the next iterations of Firefox include these types of tools built-in. 


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