Firefox Add-on of the Week: Youtube to MP3



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I know this topic is about the add-on. But you're better of just googling "Youtube to mp3" and coming up with a list of sites.



I use Audacity to real time record. Probably still illegal, but really isn't much different than hitting the record button on a tape/radio player. (Anybody remember those?)

First you need to find the best version of a song. Hard becasue when one person posts a crappy version almost everybody then downloads and reposts it.

Next is hoping that some Windows update hasn't screwed up my sound card settings like what happened this weekend.



Tried a youtube/vevo video & got this Error: Failed to get video infos from YouTube!

tried a straight you tube video (Rush is awesome) & that worked (after two popups & repeated clicking)

Hey but it didn't cost a thing, so I'll shut up now.  I'll try another youtube/vevo video to see if the pattern repeats. Thanks



Sued off the face of the earth in approx 1 week.



I'm pretty sure that downloading copywrited music in this way would constitute copywrite infringement and therefore should be considered a form of music piracy.

That said, this looks like a great option for downloading a lot of those instructional Youtube videos and webcasts that don't necessarily require video to enjoy, as well as for when I just really need to hear "Hamster on a Piano".



Well, this is but a tool -- while I do joke in the intro that you could do this to avoid ponying up for a song, my main thoughts drifted to various comedic bits / independent music deals that you can't just go out and buy.



You are correct.  It is merely a tool - and what one does with a tool is their responsibility.  It looks great for many things that would not necessarily impinge on copywrites, as you mention. 

I was just commenting so Mark17 would know what to do with his afternoon in case he was was running out of things to pirate. 




Hahaah gosh. That guy is hillarious. Just wait for an article about piracy. He will be there :D

Btw, the audio quality on youtube is pretty poor i believe. (Around 100kbps)



haha.  ;)

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