Firefox Add-on of the Week: Fox Splitter



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Didnt Opera do this years ago?



But it also seems like I'd be installing an add-on just so I could re-experience the frustration that was the Windows 3.1 interface - all those tiled windows were great until you got more than 4 of them.  I have a 22-inch montitor, so I don't know that I have enough screen real-estate to make this truly useful, but I can see it would be very helpful for someone with more room to spare. 



....mouse can can function in each of the various new browser windows.  If not, then still a nice find, but far less useful.  Still nice, but if I could scroll the new browser windows independently, via the mouse or touchpad...then this would be fantastic!!


I Jedi

Murphy, thank you very, very much for this addon. I usually have more than one tab open at a time, so it gets a bit annoying having to read through each of the little tabs descriptions to find out which website I want to pull up.




I have two 23" screens, with a 40" tv mounted above.


I just open new browsers, and toss them around ;)

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