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Tag editing is something that should never have been removed from wmp.  This adds it back in, which is good, but you can still only edit one track at a time.  It should be that I can edit multiple tracks with a lot of the same info on them at the same time.  I shouldn't have to select 16 individual tracks and add the artist info, genre, and all that to each one separately.  


Also, bring back Musicmatch!  Oh I miss MM, was my fav for music.  And I mean the real MM, not that Yahoo Bulldrake!


That which does not kill us makes us stronger, though it often makes us wish we were dead.



Hi, I'm the author of WMP Plus!. Support for editing multiple songs at once with the new tag editor will be added in the next major version of the plug-in. Please note that you can already edit multiple songs in the library itself; this is explained at



WMP became incredibly buggy for me about 6-9 months ago, so I searched around.  ATM, I'm using MediaMonkey for audio (Supports every lossless format I'm likely to use, unlike WMP- No FLAC support) and VLC for videos (Supports DivX)



 I have never found a media player that is anything above a 7 imo. They all stink. 

- Stability

- ability to use any video and audio codec that comes along (or is installed on the computer) in an easy manner.

- Small footprint

- mini (toolbar) player

- tag reader (editor can even be an add-on or side program.

- ability to tweak UI or skins (again can be a side program, preferably with premade skins that don't look like someone's head or a swirly futuristic hand-held device with half the buttons missing)

- a playlist manager that doesn't reek.

- method for relocating music and playlists from within the (separate manager)

- a theme that doesn't turn all my music icons into traffic cones (sorry VLC, but you lost out on the stability issue anyway).

- the ability to banish visualizations from existence!!!!! Instead substitute them with options to access news feeds, display weather, computer info, etc. (oh, and music info).

- the ability to look at the tag info as the music is playing, click on it, and edit it permenantly.

- upload and download music tag data to free db sites.


Combine Media monkey, foobar, Media Player classic and you've got a winner.

Until that day, everything else is a pathetic half-attempt by programmers who just don't care and/or don't understand.


"There's no time like the future."



I really loath WMP!  It seems like it tries to be useful in all media applications but it does not support the majority of file compressions right out away.  Also for some reason I have never liked a library in any media player. I have everything organized in folders on a dedicated hardrive.

I know installing a codec is not hard and codec packs like K-lite make it even easier but I don't like having any thing on my PC that I don't need.  I guess I'm still old school when every single MBs was accounted for.  Anyway I use Winamp for my music and VLC or Media Player Classic for any movies that I want to watch. No need for any extra, unnecessary add-ons.




Media Monkey Gold all the way. It's been my ripper/player/music library manager for the last three years.



I use WMP but I still use iTunes for my three year old iPod. iTunes is OK as long as you uninstall that process robbing Bonjour service and the Apple updater so that Bonjour will not be added back. Also disable Quicktime from running start up and the Apple crapola will then be unable to sabatoge your P C's performance and yet iTunes still runs fine.



Thanks for those tips Baer, as I use iTunes as my default player, and need to make the tweaks you mentioned. :-)


Fecal Face

Probably never going to use WMP again, not because I don't like it, but just because I don't need it. Already running Winamp (for .flac and G15 mod), and Zune for my Zune HD. I hardly even need Zune software anyways, I just use it to download apps / sync.


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Zune HD = Happiness



 A new "find as you type" search feature replaces WMP's default "search now" field. You can restore what you were previously rocking out to when relaunching the app, and you can even automatically send this information to Windows Live Messenger to tell all your friends about your ongoing jam session.

 WMP 12 for windows 7 does this already 





Hi, I'm the author of WMP Plus!. By default, WMP's Search field isn't really 'find as you type', you still need to click on it before you can start typing the search query. With WMP Plus!, however, you can start typing immediately to search, just like the 'find as you type' functionality in Firefox, for example.

As for sending information to Windows Live Messenger, this is a replacement of the WMP plug-in that is included in the WLM install. It offers more options, such as hiding the Now Playing message when paused, and a customizable format, e.g. <title> - <artist> - <length> - <year>.



Even WMP11 in XP does that, or at least mine does. 


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Thats great but not everybody is using Windows 7 yet.



Even though people should be. 






Keith E. Whisman

I use WMP mostly for listening to my music on my laptops speakers. WMP has the best default EQ settings to produce the best and loudest music my laptop can produce. I've tried to tinker with the setting in Itunes and Media Monkey but I just can't get that same quality. When I use my headphones the quality differences disappear. So WMP does have it's uses. I love the Itunes interface but love the sound quality of WMP and I love the auto tagger in Media Monkey. 



Any issues with uninstalling these plug-ins ? Don't want to screw the system...



Norton 2010 Is showing this file as a suspicious file.

Is this a real threat? or is Norton just screwing with me?



Norton 2011 says the file is safe... 

My exploding trick: Any iPad/Phone/Mac haters get a lot of silly putty, then clog up the speakers on iPad and iPhone or vents (if they exist) on an iMac and wait for a few minutes... then....



The Creator of that



Microsoft Security Essentials said nothing. Probably safe.



Yep, its safe. as soon it installs norton has no problem with it.




"You can restore what you were previously rocking out to when relaunching
the app, and you can even automatically send this information to
Windows Live Messenger to tell all your friends about your ongoing jam


...and then Dr. Evil said, "I'm hip. I'm with it. Tocka-tocka-tocka-tock."




Seriously, until wmp has even half of the functionality of vlc player, it ain't on my radar.



I haven't used WMP since the spacebar no longer paused playback. Windows Media Player Classic or Zoom player are much better - they just play the media without all the other associated nonsense.



Then, you should try it again, because my spacebar actually pauses playback.

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