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The delay kinda kills it...



This sounded great until you said Bonjour Service. That peice of crapola slows down network connections on a P C, it also can lock up IE8 and Firefox. Read the comments in some of the tech forums. Yes it gets dumped in to your computer with iTunes and if you remove it I have seen Apple updater add it back. The fix is for those that still want to use iTunes with WIndows 7 to remove Bonjour and also Apple updater. i Tunes still works fine but the lock ups go away.

I have had a number of instances with clients where simply removing Bonjour from their P C's has fix their problems.

Sorry, that is a deal breaker!!!!



This sounds almost perfect! But the 1-second delay? Is that a fixed thing or does it vary upon the speed of your server and the physical network?


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