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Seems like a nice app, but I nly share via homegroup, and it doesn't seem to track that at all. I'm a little dissapointed.



I bet this would have come in handy when Gordon didn't back up that spreadsheet and someone deleted it, so he said he called IT and they were going to tell him who deleted it, when they couldn't, and then she confessed. Are you guys using it on your share? Or is history doomed to repeat itself.



Nice little app and all, but it eats 25% of processor on XP (with lots of shares), which makes it pretty much useless..

oh and another annoying thing is if your windows' sounds settings set to play a sound on "Open Program", that sound will be played repeatedly on each ShareMonitor's refresh, until ShareMonitor closed.



as some one said last week, hanks for doing this reviews for us. i am constantly using  the download recommendations you and maxpc promote. thanks!!!! sometimes i even use the ones i don't need at the moment just to see what the big deal is!

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