Download of the Week: Paint.NET



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xbuzzer1 is great, ive been using it for a few years now, but you need to go to the forums and download all the cool plugins. If you do that then it will pretty much be on par with the pay programs. You know, that expensive one.  Dont judge till you download all the cool plugins. It will also do tons more than the gimp also.



No config menu. Could not paste a color as transparent. MS Paint is the superior program. Sadly.



I do enjoy the ribbon more. I am taking some computing classes and they all use Office 2007 so I have learned to navigate the ribbons. When I went back to 03 I have to scoure the little tool bars up top forever to find what I want.




Maybe it's because i don't use ms office stuff that often, but I like the new ribbon.  It shows you more options without hiding burying everything.  Before it took forever to find that one menu option to pop up that one dialog box to change that one option.  Now most of the time the option I'm looking for is already showing.

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