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I still don't get how this device is popular with anyone.

Kindle books are just as expensive as paper books.  Moreso, if you consider that I can pick up used copies from thrift stores for a couple bucks.  One cannot do this with virtual books.  Yes, there are 2-dollar titles in Amazon's library, but I wouldn't buy any of them.  I frequently hit the used book stores and thrift shops and can walk out with a half-dozen books for under 20 bucks.  Most of the books on seem to be in the $9.99 sweet-spot that retailers love so much.

Technology is great and I'm all for new things, but consider the following:
USB thumb-drives are a vast improvement over floppy disks.  CD's and DVD's are a great improvement over cassettes (audio and VHS alike).  LCD monitors are better than CRT's.  The kindle has its uses, but it's just not a significant improvement over traditional books.  Even in the school, where you'd think it would be advantageous, the kindle receives only a lukewarm reception.

I don't get why MPC is lauding these things so much.  You must own stock, or something.




Try this


Download Here




 Can Amazon take bakc your purchased books while using this?

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Yes, I know this makes me very lazy.  I also know that by the time I've typed this, I could have found it myself.  But for those who come after me... Link please...?

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