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Now that I've been using it for a few days, I feel like I can give my impressions.

It doesn't add much in the way of features, but it's pretty (considering it's a social networking app, that sorta matters).  What functionality it does add is actually fairly useful.  The absence of FBChat isn't a big deal since I use Digsby anyway. (plus FBChat is awful; the only advantage to it is that I have a wider contact base on Facebook than something like, say, AIM) 

My biggest complaint is performance.  From my unscientific "watch the task manager" method, the CPU utilization seems to peak fairly high basically any time you move around to different profiles (anything that would require loading a new page if you did it in the browser, basically).   RAM usage is definitely high - seems to hover in the 200MB ballpark for open profiles with a few pictures, which is more than Opera with a few tabs open.

I still like it as is, but if they can make it a little snappier and more efficient then I'm totally sold. 



I like the idea of it, and it does seem to work pretty well so far. It actually orders stuff in the news feed the way Facebook used to before they went stupid. So, it's actually in chronological order in Fishbowl. The only problem, which is kind of big for me, is that it doesn't seem to have chat capabilities yet.



To me that would be the best part of it.  facebooks chat is horrible.  I literally use just because it does not include the chat.  Maybe you have better luck with it than I do, but for me it sucks.  I use a dedicated chat like google for serious chatting.



I have to agree with you on that one, Holmessh.  I can't stand Facebook chat.  Give me a third-party chat application anyday!

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