Download of the Week: Firefox (x64)



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I'll stick with my 32 bit custom compiled version of Firefox.



So, let me ask you this: why? Why do we need x64 browser?



Firefox only supports ogg as far as html5 goes. Youtube only supports h264 so your still screwed.



So it's a maxiPad emulator?



No Flash App released to the jail broken wild to prove Apple wrong?

Late release of Flash for Android, finally here.

And all you can say is you expect to provide native support for 64-bit platforms in an upcoming
release of Flash Player following the release of Flash Player 10.1.

I guess 64bit browsers are fairly new, maybe a year now.  I'll cut you some slack.  But I won't use a browser without flash support, that's what the phone is for :(




"I guess 64bit browsers are fairly new, maybe a year now."

 64-bit browsers have been out for years.  Only in windows is it "fairly new" and even then there has been a 64-bit version of IE since 2005.



I tried this 64-bit version about a year ago.  After a couple of weeks of using it, and not seeing much of a speed increase, I decided to remove it.  Unfortunately it's a pain to get off.  Unless the uninstaller has been improved since then I'd suggest holding off on this program until an official x64 Firefox is released.



Adobe is the one making Flash an essentially useless product.  They cannot keep up with modern web browsers in x64 flavors--and to date they have not even bothered to try.  I like a lot of flash stuff, I really do, but Adobe is the company that is lining up the nails in the coffin so that Apple, Microsoft, and other corporations can bury this technology.

Adobe failed the internet.  It's not Apple, it's not anyone else.  Until Adobe proves it can be more secure, and at least technologically nimble with respect to modern web browsers--it is a dead on arrival technology that is barely hanging on.



But the perils of a 64 bit browser on Windows is no Flash support. Unlike what The Jobs says, Flash isn't evil, so I'll be sticking to ff 32 bit for now.

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