Web App of the Week: eXtreme Power Supply Calculator



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75% of the manufacturers hide their power consumption ratings for their various parts and you really have to dig to find those webpages (then you have to bookmark them). Forget about finding any BTU output for the heat those parts generate. Why this is a some kind of huge secret, is beyond me, unless 'they' are ashamed of the numbers. This is a handy tool for those who know how to go find that information, (and those who don't) but would rather not spend half a day tracking all that information down for every peripheral in their cases.



I can estimate the power consumption of just about any hardware on my own...which means, I don't need to PAY THEM to tell me I am right.  All you have to do is do a little specification studying for most harware which is available on the net for just about everything - IF YOU LOOK.  So what if it takes me 15 minutes to come up with it?  I didn't have to pay a penny is my point.  If they had offered this for free, I could see it being a nice little utility, but frankly, I am sick and tired of being nickled and dimed by everyone for everything, and just saving me a few minutes doesn't ring up on my cash register.  Tell them to make it free and I will consider it.



Well if you like to take the time to search the net for the power requirements for all your hardware, feel free to do so. Using this web app that is for FREE and taking 2 minutes to do so is awesome. I doubt that it takes 15 minutes to find the power requirements for ALL your hardware. Maybe 30 minutes to an hour is more like it.



  I did my own calculations when doing the build and came up with 495 watts and this app came up with 487. Within 3% is close enough! I have a 750W power supply so I do not have to worry much. Thanks for pointing this out MPC!

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