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David, We appreciate being chosen as Firefox add-on of the week. Thank you!

I am happy that you pointed out that ratings come heavily from our user community, supplemented by trusted sources. It’s our community that makes the difference between WOT and other safe browsing tools.

One commenter noticed some discrepancy between WOT reputation ratings and those from Norton. This can sometimes be true, especially when you are looking at aspects such as the reliability of an online shop or content appropriate for children. Human input is vital because automated scans can’t tell you about shady vendors who don’t send your order on time, or if the content on a site is not what you want your 8 year old to see.

Good news for Internet Explorer and Google Chrome users – WOT is available for those browsers too. Look for announcements about Chrome extensions soon!

Safe surfing,
Web of Trust



I've noticed when searching that some sites WOT says are safe are givin a red disk by Norton, and vice versa. It's as if you are  at a stoplight, and one light is red, and one is green... what do you do? so then it is ultimately up to me to just take a guess if it's safe or not. Hey, I have a better chance (50/50) than if I'm picking one of Howie Mandell's magic suitcases......



Somehow I had visions of errant 4chan /b/tards deciding to mass mark several bad websites as good by sheer volume of numbers. 



So are programs like these similar to Mcafee's SiteAdvisor and Norton's Safe Web?



But WoT pulls from digg, spam cop, Wikipedia, delicious, malware domain list and others so it knows who is bad and good without users .

Hoster of



It warns you that a site may not be what you think it is.  You always have a choice open the site or not open the site.



I removed it after I discovered too many legit sites marked as dangerous.  It merely interfered with surfing.  It strikes me that all these systems, SiteAdvisor, etc., have their shortcomings.  I'll rely on my antivirus and common sense.  However noobs need all the help they can get.


I Jedi

I always use WOT, and I highly recommend it to e v e r y o n e... I believe its a great layer of security for defending your identity and your computer. I recently built a new computer for some people, and one thing that I installed was WOT on their computer.

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