We are Pack Rats

We are Pack Rats

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Idon’t know what you guys have been doing for the last three months, but at Maximum PC, we spent most of the winter prepping for the most dreaded of events—moving to a new office. That’s right, we’ve packed up the Maximum PC Lab, cleaned out our desks, and vacated this magazine’s original home for swank new digs on the south side of town.

After about 90 days of packing and cleaning, I’ve come to one conclusion. We, the editors of Maximum PC magazine, are unbelievable pack rats. Cleaning out the Lab was like excavating a technological archeology site. The deeper we dug, the further into the past we went, and along the way we found tons of once-lustworthy gear.

We unearthed a veritable cornucopia of classic PC parts. Josh found the first water-cooling kit we ever reviewed and a pair of 8GB Cheetah hard drives. Gordon found an ancient dual-GPU ATI videocard, the first MP3 player we ever laid hands on—the original Diamond Rio—and the first nForce prototype we ever tested. But I think I pulled the ultimate booby prizes out of my stash—a copy of Daikatana, and nVidia’s first 3D accelerator, the NV1. Both are still wrapped in their original packaging. We also found about a dozen Voodoo cards, an old Obsidian workstation 3D accelerator, and damn near a dozen dead 10GB to 20GB hard drives.

Sadly, yesterday’s treasures are today’s trash, and while we disposed of a ton of old hardware, visitors to Maximum PC HQ will see some of this classic gear decorating the walls of our new place.
Long-time readers will recall that this is actually the third iteration of the Maximum PC Lab, we’ll call it Lab 3.0. I can, without a doubt, tell you that Lab 3.0 is the most kick-ass version we’ve had to date. It’s nearly twice the size of Lab 2.0; is equipped with state-of-the-art, fully adjustable benches; is climate controlled—we maintain a constant 70 F at all times—and has more power and network connections than we’ve ever had previously. It’s more of computer geek’s paradise than ever before.

We’ll take you on a grand tour of the new Lab in a future issue, but for now I’m off to finish unpacking my bench.



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