Sub300's Subpar Service



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I agree: some time ago, I purchased 3 identical computers from Subpar300. They were supposed to be shipped out right away, but it took one of them almost two months to reach my home.

When the first computers arrived, one of them had a badly dented frame. Two months later, when the third computer arrived, its plastic face was broken.

 I called and complained for months, and I even threatened to take them to court: but the cost of me going to court was greater than the cost of the replacement items.

 I eventually gave up on having Sub300 ever get the order fixed; they lied to me repeatedly when I got them on the phone. I even got "the owner" who gave me his "personal guarantee" that everything would be fixed right away... and then he hung up, without getting any of my contact information.

 Sub300 - DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE... they are not trustworthy to do what they said they would do.

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