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reg cure

<a href="">RegCure</a> will fix a slow computer, and it will keep problems from coming back in the future.  Another great product from the same maker is <a href="">PC Health Advisor</a>



I am still using the trial version of the RegCure registry cleaner download and is working like a charm. I am running it every week and I sincerely consider buying it. My laptop moves faster and RegCure manage to get rid of the 3 years registry keys that were left by some old software uninstallers.



Yeah I bought Regcure this morning and its like pulling teeth to get those clowns to send me a key code to register the product and use it. I am dealing with Pay Pal to try and get my money back they just won't respond to my e-mails, the aknowledge that they receive them but they won't send my code. Save your money and don't buy there product.




There are all kinds of registry cleaners out there, and CCleaner is among the safest. I've used a few other registry cleaners, and I'll share my subjective opinion of their relative safety and depth of cleaning using CCleaner as a baseline of 100%.

Registry cleaner in Advanced System Optimizer 2 - Safety: 100%; Depth: 105%

RegOrganizer 4 - Safety: 70%; Depth:  200%

UniBlue RegistryBooster 2 - Safety: 90%; Depth: 150%

RegSeeker 1.55 - Safety: 40%; Depth: 400+%

I should also mention that RegOrganizer and Advanced System Optimizer offer an option to defrag/compact the registry, and RegistryBooster 2 has the capability of rebuilding registry keys that they believe should be in place, in case an aggressive cleaning wiped them out.

Here're a couple of lists of registry cleaners:



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People like CCleaner because its very user friendly and doesn't screw up your system. But the thing is, CCleaner only cleans "safe" registry settings. These settings won't do much harm to your system and are "safe" to delete. However, there are two other kinds of registy settings which are "not safe" and finally "unknown". There are plenty of registry cleaner out there that find these keys. "Not Safe" are settings that may are may not screw up your system and "unknown" are settings that don't fit into either group but nonetheless invalid in the registry. The story is seems is which ones to delete. Obviously the safe ones and may or may not all the not safe and unknowns. People probably report that a registry cleaner screwed up their system but they probably deleted all the keys that showed up. Registry cleaning isn't an exact science if at all but its really up to the user in the end to decide what to do. CCleaner takes it out and only shows safe settings. I am unsure what the RegCure thing is, but people have to know what they're getting into before they attempt something of this magnitude. Its just another user error.



ccleaner is with a doubt an essential tool for any power user.  it is likely to cause "problems" for average users.  removing saved passwords is generally the only downside that i've come across with ccleaner.  (though it is optional). 

 as a power user, web designer, and a research student.  i find it necesary to use ccleaner to wipe temp data constantly since i do alot of file management.



Regsupreme Pro from Macecraft is pretty good. Been using for 5 years or so with no major problems.



I used to use registry cleaners all the time but I've come to the conclusion that they are just more trouble than they are worth. I'm not even referring to the "shady" ones either, I'm talking about well known, reputable ones. I have yet to come across a cleaner that improved any type of real-life or synthetic benchmark to any degree that couldn't also be attributed to experimental/margin of error. Only once have I seen an error that couldn't be solved through the normal channels that had to be removed forcefully by means of registry cleaner, but that was the exception to the rule. Meow.



I've used CCleaner now religiously for almost 4 months and i've never had a problem, i just like keeping my PC very tidy!! Keeps things running as they should...

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