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I had a vexing issue 5+ years ago with not being able to send or receive email. I am a above average tech savvy guy and despite my best efforts couldn't tackle the problem. I finally Googled it which led me to RegCure for a paid solution, Being the cynical guy that I am I checked the web before I pulled the trigger which I grudgingly ponied up for due to their alleged money back guarantee and they had decent reviews. I installed it, it found and fixed the email problem and I have been a believer and a customer since.

Whether it is smoke and mirrors or snake oil, it seems to keep my systems in tip top running order, now spanning, XP,7 and 8 platforms.

You judge for yourself but how can you argue with 5 plus years of trouble free system performance over several operating systems...



this program works best because of how easy it is to use.


reg cure

I used to think that <a href="">RegCure</a> was the best registry cleaner, but now I think PC Health Advisor is number one because it does a lot more things.  But, bottom line: both work



It's true that RegCure won't fix every computer problem out there.  There was a lot of false advertising.  In some cases, however, it can help.  We have run RegCure and found that it worked fine.  ParetoLogic is a reputable company, and they now have a phone support number on their website.

You can check out our RegCure review over at our website.



RegCure has always worked great for me


reg cure

I had a problem 4 years ago with my computer, it was so slow it could barely run.  So, I used RegCure and it fixed all of the problems



I have been using Regcure for a few years now and love it! Any time a friend or family member has any issues with thier computer I run a scan with regcure first and then malware bytes (figure check the registry and then check for spyware). 9/10 this solves the problem.



The program may be in a very vague sense legitimate; the advertising bothered me.

Stack Overflow had a suspicious Google ad; if you change part of the URL you get the same ad promoting RegCure as a cure not only for Stack Overflow errors as the ad claims, but A Broken Statue or lack of sufficient "social network" reputation on Stack Overflow. (But it might be naughty to hack the URL like that.)

Funny how the third-party comments are not only glowing, but it has been pointed out that they have similar grammatical errors like often ending sentences with commas.

Talk about fishy advertising!




     Driver Doctor



I've had some good experiences with a number of registry cleaners (in XP):

CCleaner - free, very safe

Advanced System Optimizer 2 - $40, very safe

Registry Booster 2 - $30, safe, rebuilds registry keys too

RegOrganizer -  $40, safe for the most part, relatively thorough

RegSeeker - free, thorough, a bit risky

Advanced System Optimizer and RegOrganizer both have registery defragging/optimizing functionality as well. 

I think registry cleaning can go a long way toward making an old XP installation speed up quite a bit, but ultimately there's no substitute for reinstalling Windows every so often.



I'm not surprised to find that RegCure isn't so hot at finding registry problems, but it's not a new problem. In general, registry cleaners often cause as many problems as they cure. I remember that a registry cleaner bonked the ATA/IDE driver on my Windows 95 system, forcing it into slow-as-molasses MS-DOS mode. I discovered, thanks to that misadventure, the arcane art of extracting drivers from Windows .CAB files at a command prompt to get my system running properly again.

As long as the Registry can be modified by third-party apps and contains poorly-understood options (often barely understood by the software or hardware vendors themselves, let alone third-party developers), Registry cleaners will remain a crapshoot - with the odds favoring the house heavily, as usual.


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



I have tried a few reg cleaners over the years - easycleaner has always been reliable and free, CCleaner - again reliable and free - each giving a certain feeling of having worked and made things in the depths of the mysterious registry a little less cluttered. I have run the same PC with XP pro since august 2004, moving thru alll the service pack as they arrived, with only one reinstall caused by my wide switching the pc off at the plug at a critical startup point. So I think that's pretty good.

 However, I had an ongoing issue with Outlook 2003 not connecting to the server - it was ok on my wireless laptop so it was clearly a software issue on the pc., which all my scanning and reinstalling couldn't cure. So searching google on the error codes Regcure promised to fix it. I got sucked into the site and ended up paying for the pro version. This did not fix the Outlook errors - although it has kept everything else running fine (probably would have been fine just with ccleaner?).

To solve the Outlook error I installed Thunderbird and it seems perfectly ok.

It is probaly a good registry cleaner - I have had no subsequent problems - even though it seems to find and clean several hundered problems a week - so that make me feel good and that it was worth the money. I am not going to Vista and will wait to see if Win 7 is viable - so if it keeps the old PC going then it forms part of my stuff to put off the big changeover day.


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