Vista to 360 = Oil to Water

Vista to 360 = Oil to Water

Ugh. So I'm reinstalling Vista for what has to be the fourth or fifth time since I acquired the OS, and I think I've narrowed down the culprit for this most recent software screw-up: Transcode 360. Vista was working just fine prior to my newfound urge to stream media to my Xbox 360, but as soon as I installed that admittedly helpful piece of software, it was as if i spilled soda all over the motherboard or something. The endless crashing, hanging, and general software absurdities were that bad.

Oh, and the streaming didn't work either.

Rather than complain about Vista's pecularities, I'm reaching out to you, the beloved Maximum PC community, for help. As you might guess, I want to stream media to my 360. Vista does this natively, yes, but only with certain file extentions:

  • MPEG-1 with MPEG audio
  • MPEG-2 with MPEG audio or AC-3 audio
  • WMV 7, 8, and 9 with WMA Standard or WMA Pro audio
  • WMV Image 1 and 2 (Photo Story 1, 2, and 3)

Now, I have a number of movies that aren't in a supported format (*cough* DIVX *cough*). Anyone out there have a working, awesome way to watch movies of any filetype on your Xbox 360? I'd prefer some kind of program that streams the videos straight from Vista, as opposed to something that forces me to pre-convert every movie I have to a new filetype. Hard drive space is precious, after all.

The more one-stop-shop the program is, the better, but I don't mind getting elbow-deep in configuration screens at this point. I just want to watch me some Donnie Darko home movies that I own the full copyrights to, but I'd like to do it on my badass plasma tv instead of my less-impressive 27-inch monitor.

Isn't it awesome when users have to rely on third-party programs simply because Media Center and the 360 both won't recognize alternative, yet widely popular codecs?



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I still run Windows 2000 and was curious if anybody knows of software like this that can support the 360 and my computer, thanks in advance.



Hey Dave,

Think I may have a solution for you. Ever heard of a program called VLC Media Player? Its a great player and now there is VLC 360. It transcodes on the fly so you dont need to encode anything prior to streaming. This is the link if you want to explore it further:

Good luck!

P.S. It's documented with WMC 2005, but a quick look at the forums and seems it works with Vista as well.



It's not up to your usual high-standards Murphy.


D Waterhouse

I can't wait for X38 and Penryn so I can finally ditch my 4400+ and use it as a media pc. There is no streaming box that will ever be as good as a PC. I want to be able to play my 720p x264 TVRi-- uhh I mean my 720p x264 home movies that just happen to be in a mkv container file.

Wow Dave, it must suck to have only a 27" monitor.



This is not really related to your question but I have found the best way to watch divx, xvid movies is to buy the cheap Philips DVP5960/37 DVD player because it is the only DVD player I know of that has a USB port and supports all kinds of codecs....

1. Get my xvid, divx movie
2. Transfer it to my 160GB USB portable hard drive
3. Plug my USB portable hard drive into my Philips USB DVD player
4. Menu pops up when I turn the power on to the DVD player that shows all the movies on my portable hard drive
5. Select movie and hit enter
6. Plays movie, sound and video quality superb

This DVD player was a god send, before I bought it I always had to burn movies to CD's or DVD's and then insert them into the DVD player, that or hook up your computer to the back of your TV so you can play the movie....

That and I don't need to worry about trying to stream videos or any of that other crap, simply download the movie, transfer it to your portable hard drive and plug it in. Select movie and play...all these people who invest this money into streaming content to their TV can suck it...I do it the cheap way and it works great!



ok it was simple for me i was using xp though i just instaled the zune media player turned it n my friends 360 on then shut down zune and it worked fine i was even able to use divx and every other file on my computer easly and instonaisoly



Well, I don't have a 360, but I have used this program with a PSP before, with success. It's called TVersity, it's still in beta, but it's worth a try. It works (unofficially) with Vista, or so the forums have told me. It should be able to stream most of the media you want to. Here's the link . If it works, good, if it doesn't... Well, I tried :P
Edit* After some more reading, you do have to install a third-party codec for Divx support.

Oh, and, LOLcats r teh funnay.

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