Vista Security Features Finally Getting Some Respect

Vista Security Features Finally Getting Some Respect

ASLR, NX Finally Arrive in QuickTime

Support for one of Windows Vista's best behind-the scenes security features, address space layout randomization (ASLR), is now available in Apple QuickTime 7.4.5 for Windows, eWeek reports. ASLR, which randomly locates program start and other key address locations each time an ASLR-compliant program runs on Windows Vista, is a key feature of Windows Vista that, so far, has seen limited use in third-party applications.

QuickTime 7.4.5 also includes support for hardware NX (No Execute), better known as Data Execution Protection, which, unlike ASLR, is widely supported in third-party applications. Given the frequent security patches QuickTime's needed over the last year or so, it's about time it received some significant beefing up in this area.

IE8 to Enable NX/DEP by Default

And, speaking of NX/DEP, Microsoft's IE8, currently in early beta, will have NX/DEP enabled by default on Windows Vista and its architectural sibling, Windows Server 2008. No word on when IE8 betas will include this improvement.

Improved Security Just in Time, as XSS Attacks Continue to Run Wild

It's a good thing that QuickTime and IE8 are getting "hardened up," as the BBC reports that XSS (Cross-Site-Scripting) vulnerabilities continue to make all parts of the Web potentially dangerous.



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Running x64 Vista Ultimate and XP Pro on the same Raptor drive has its perks. I get the speed of 4GB of memory with no page file, and see the benefits of being able to read large 20GB AVI project files with ease in Media Player 11 x64 edition. That's one of the best things I've noticed: It takes no time at all on my 6400+ system to load these files. Sure I decided not to go with Intel (figured I could ride the wave and pick up the discount parts if AMD goes under), but I don't need to run Crysis in all it's glory (though it looks nice with a 3870 slapped in my system).

For where Vista x64 falls short, I have XP Pro to pick up the slack. Mostly with my Encore DVD 1.5 (which won't install on x64 Vista for whatever reason). Sure, Vista sometimes during the initial boot (on a rare occasion) wants to BSOD and reboot rapidly (I never see what it is about) but it's forgivable I suppose. Probably has something to do with my stupid Creative drivers (which broke my Premiere Pro 1.5 with its latest release). All in all, it's gotten more stable with the release of SP1, and I never really had a problem with the system. For those of you that complain about drivers: I have never had a problem with x64 drivers on my system, save for the most recent Creative update (but that's Creative). Sound works except out of Premiere.
If you build your system right, you should never have an issue with x64 Vista. And only in an x64 environment would you dare not run an antivirus. I'm not stupid with my downloads, and I run a scan from time to time, but 32-bit viruses trying to nab Vista's x64 architecture just doesn't happen often, especially if you don't go looking for trouble.

Keith E. Whisman

You know what this means don't you? This OS kicks ass. Really. Vista is just going through the same growing pains and bug fixes that WinXP went through when it first came out. WinXP took a year or two to make XP a stable and entertaining OS. Vista has alot going for it. I have friends that don't know what they are talking about refuse to leave Win98 all because of the wonky bugs at XP's launch. There seems to me at least alot more people that are unwilling to give Vista a chance. And if more and more people with newer 64bit capable CPU's would purchase and run Vista 64, Microsoft and the hardware manufacturers would be more willing to dedicate more assets to writing stable and comprehensive drivers for Vista64. That goes for the 32bit ver as well. I really like Vista and as time goes by Vista gets more and more stable and secure. It's sped up quite a bit since it's release. Really when ever someone complains about the OS I just don't listen to them. Vista will come into it's own just like XP did.
I remember magazines complaining about WinXp and writing about how excited they were to get Vista. Then all the mags have done was bitch.
Well give it a chance. I'm running Vista Ultimate 64 and it's great with 6gigs of DDR2 800mhz. Running 2gigs of Crucial with 4gigs of Patriot ram. Everything works great and stable. I notice that the programs that cause BSOD's have 2006 and 07 dates on them.

What I'm getting at is that it's good to see some good press about Vista.
Perhaps another year or so and everyone that enjoys computers wont be able to get the fullest use of their pc without Vista. I've really come to enjoy the features Vista has to offer.

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