Vigor Gaming Force Recon QXN



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You guys should really use the entire 10 point scale. This is one of the worst products in recent memory, and yet you give it a 3. 3 would be a good score to give a machine that works well *when* it runs, but this thing is an all-around piece of crap.




A three isn't enough? A three?

As far as I'm concerned, the review scale breaks down as follows: a "1" means the product exploded upon us turning it on, severely hurting someone in the process. a "2" signifies that the horrible product actually achieved some semblance of working, but made somebody bleed in doing so. A "3" is equal to a "I didn't hurt myself, but this thing is a POS."

A three is exactly the kind of score to give to a machine that "works well when it runs" -- the entire point is that, for some large amount of time, the machine is not running. As Gordon might say, once you get below four or five, it's all negligible -- you'd have to be pretty dumb to buy a product that poor.




Thats a real shame, I spent a lot of time trying to find one of those cases and it's painful to see a company fill one with so many wonderful parts and then destroy it in the name of marketing specs.

If you guys don't want it I'm sure I could use the case and maybe scavenge a few parts :D

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