Videocard Image-Quality Shootout



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Radeons most certainly did win, well noticed. However you wouldn't think (that after such a laborious test) the reviewer would go on to exclaim "would you sacrifice performance for a tiny little increase in colour or saturation?" And you want us to subscribe to your bias?

Yes the 8800 Ultra was an awesome card for such a long time... and yes the 3870 x2 is now the fastest single card solution available.

Yes, Nvidia will bring out a 9800.
Yes, it will be as expensive as the 8800 Ultra.
No, it won't be fast enough to justify the 40% price difference between the 3870 x2 and the 9800.
Yes, you will buy it anyway.

Laters :)



Nvidia's 8800 ultra finally has a run for the $$! The benchmarks are a bit disputed, but the 3870 x2 is extremely fast. But the 3870 x2 will be short-lived because the 9800 seiries is coming .. what will AMD/ATI do then?



The author is clearly sorry that ATI won this neutral comparison and downplays Radeons as not being as superduperfast as his 8800 Ultra/whatever (ever heard of HD3870 X2?). ATI nonetheless delivers better tech with competitive price than nVidia.



Perhaps you should download an old issue of MPC (If they have one that goes that far back), and you'll realize there was a time when they heralded the S3 or the Voodoo. They praise whoever can do the best.

And might I add, that in a much older issue they point out that ATI was able to produce better image quality...this is nothing new to us. However, ATI's supremacy in this department was much more visually pronounced that a kid would have been just as much a valid judge as a professional photographer. That was then...this is now, and Nvidia has obviously made some vast improvements in regards to image quality, so much so that they wanted qualified individuals to come in and chose a winner.

If anything this article gives one more reason to get an Nvidia because they [read: consumer] no longer have to take a hit in the movie/photo department of computers. They now have great image quality in all three areas.

My entertainment rig has an ATI and always will but my gaming system has an Nvidia...but for those who don't want to bother with two systems and the maintenance thereof will be able to pick a card and not lament about their decision because of some lacking character on the card. *And invariably the system itself because the card decides the motherboard too*

Trust me if ATI pulled a card that could give an Ultra a run for the money, MPC would have a party...because that means cheaper cards for everyone.

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