Velocity Micro Raptor Signature Edition Review



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I agree with you all , this is such a rip.  who actually buys this crap.  Making your own PCs are where it is at.  Uless you are clueless 

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Yes, this computer is expensive.  I made the mistake of purchasing a similar model a few years ago, because I was amazed at all the good reviews it got, and the company promised reliability above everything else.  Once the 1 year warranty was up, the motherboard, video card, power supply and a hard drive all failed within 1-2 years.  My tech said it was a manufacturing defect.  But because it was out of warranty, Velocity Micro didn't care at all, even though it was manufactured as defective.  So, I spent this extra money on a reliable product (because I hate the cheap computers everyone comes out with these days), and I get in return the worst computer that I've ever had, at the most expensive price I've ever had.  I got pimped, and I've heard similar complaints from others. 



What a rip off :P

(539.99 * 2) + 309.99 + 139.99 + 1099.99 + 319.99 + 159.99 = $3110

Thats nearly half the price of that computer there. Add a nice case for $300, $250 for a decent PSU a $150 CPU cooler and it's still less. Which leaves much room for upgrading the motherboard, memory, HDDs, watercooling, soundcard, etc

Pre-built PCs are garbage, best deal is to buy the parts and make it yourself



Two things: Specs list the ssd as 128GB, whilst the article says 120.

Second, 5,500 bucks for a rig with a weak sauce 120/128 GB SSD, and onboard sound? I don't care what you use this for, 5.5k should get you at least 256GB and a decent sound card. Right?



Personally, I'd rather they ship it with onboard sound so I could upgrade myself.  The best soundcard VM has to offer is a "X-Fi XtremeGamer" which I wouldn't even consider decent by today's standards.  It's basically a budget X-Fi, not entirely sure but I read it was a rebranded Audigy 2 Value..  That just goes to show how slow VM is to offer modern hardware configs.  They're still touting 1366 socket systems when Sandy bridges are much cheaper + faster.



128GB drive formatted = 119.7GB in Windows. Anytime the drive makers would like to get over trying to make their product seem large then what it'll be when formatted won't be soon enough. I understand both methods of measuring a drive size is 'right', but really!?

And agreed. $5,500 should package a bit more.



I agree with you. Not only that but only people that have the money can afford this. Now most companies build all these expensive computers and they don't make much out of it. If companies were smart and created lets say a budget computer. One that could run all the games currently out atleast on high settings many people would buy their products.

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