Use a Sony USB Fingerprint Reader and Thumbdrive, Get a Rootkit Free!



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Personally, I do think that any root access to a system must have additional protection--Windows should (ideally, I grant) inform a user that information will be stored as such with the option to cancel the install.

Additionally, all Sony products that use rootkits should be able to be returned open-packaged. I'm tired of these companies selling crapware, then saying you can't return it because the package has been opened.

Although I must admit--for lulz along--I would love to see Sony try and sue people for movie/music copyright violation whose systems were compromised by a Sony rootkit. The humiliation over that alone would hopefully convince Sony to cease with this once and for all.


JC's Demon Slayer

Quote: "Nobody wants to install a program that can be turned into a weapon against their system or their information."

And yet they still install Windows, which is the epidomy of this, lol.



it seems to me that when a company goes out of its way to repeat a mistake that left lumps on its head before, there is something fundamentally wrong with the OS. Why can't the system provide a security-based API that can be trusted and robust. Instead, developers have to resort to "creative" ways to protect devices/data, e.g., rootkits. Sony's not being malicious here I believe, they are simply trying to come up with something that works. I'm not going to say Windows sux this time.



It's absolutely mind boggling that after all the negative publicity Sony garnered from their first go-round with rootkits, that they've even conceive going down that road again. And the irony of including a rootkit on a product designed with enhanced security in mind.

Another great write-up Mark, and kudos on your new book - I'm looking forward to reading it!



The Sony rootkit got installed on my former (now trashed) laptop against my knowledge (of course). It opened up a vulnerability for a trojan called downloader.trojan to get on my computer. this trojan downloaded at least 30 other viruses and spyware that it deteriorated my system until it would take 15 minutes to boot and then would shut off. Nothing I could do about it, and i didn't get compensation.

An afterthought: what if Sony has rootkits in their bluray disks? i know there is some heavy drm, what what else lurks in those things?



Good thing I do not buy Sony products.



There needs to be a bigger motivation than a lawsuit to stop sony from doing this.



As we all know, most people just accept the EULA without a second thought about it (I know I've even done it in the past, though I've gotten into the habit of reading them thoroughly now). Putting the warning into the EULA won't provide the vast majority of users with enough of a warning about the rootkit.



I agree that the EULA's no place for adequate disclosure. The choice of whether to install a rootkit needs to be an obvious Yes/No dialog box at the start of the installation process.

Vendors who want to avoid user rebellion against sneaking rootkits onto their systems should also consider disclosing this information in product spec sheets.
It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



Well looks like I get to boycott Sony again. I don't think they will ever learn until someone shoves a law suit down their collective throats. Any millionaires with a lot of free time out there willing to take them on? How about a pro bono lawyer?

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