Ultra Aluminus

Ultra Aluminus

UltraAluminus.jpgThe Aluminus is one of the lightest cases we’ve ever lifted—honestly, it’s like holding an empty beer can.

The case is large and spacious, so parts installation is easy. We just screwed our motherboard to the tray and then secured the tray to our case with thumb screws. Hard drive and optical drive installation was also a breeze, thanks to the included drive rails. The power supply, however, could have been easier; we had to unscrew a crossbar just to get it in.

The Ultra has room for two 12cm intake/exhaust fans, but we’re baffled as to why the fans themselves are not included. Many case makers add the parts, especially at this price. The case has an attractive glossed-metal exterior— until you see the front, that is. The case’s face has a door with a bunch of gills covering the drive bays, which looks too retro for our tastes; a solid front would have made the case much more attractive.

Like the Tuniq 2, the Aluminus comes with an air vent over the expansion slots as well as a CPU air duct, which also didn’t work with our aftermarket Thermaltake Mini Typhoon. But even without these accoutrements,the case’s spacious interior promotes airflow and it stays quiet—even with our own fans installed.

The Aluminus is light as a butterfly, but its useless accessories and lack of fans, sting like a bee.

Month Reviewed: October 2006

+ SPLINTER: Light; quiet; easy installation.

- SHREDDER: No fans included; air duct is useless for aftermarket coolers.


URL: www.ultraproducts.com



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