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You don't have to load this player with losslessly encoded tracks--it supports lossy MP3 and WMA files encoded at up to 320Kb/sec, as well as music from subscription services (Rhapsody, Yahoo, etc.).

The virtue of losslessly encoded music is a matter of taste and opinion--there is no "right" file size for music. But I'll always award higher praise to devices that provide the user with the choice of using either type; provided, of course, that it sounds good in the first place.

But just to be clear, the Gigabeat does not support FLAC. It supports MP3, WMA, WMA Lossless, and WAV. It supports MP3 bit rates ranging from 32- to 320Kb/s and WMA bit rates ranging from 32- to 192Kb/s.

Michael Brown
Executive Editor


Talcum X

As many an article for the past few years has mentioned and praised FLAC, I decided to check it out for myself. First of all, lossless has a limit. It can only compress so far. The highest compression is like the equivalent of an MP3 encoded at 500+ Kbps. In other words, a 4:30 song is 32.8MB. This is crazy. I know we are loving our many GB size players, but when you compare it to a 3-5MB MP3, that just seems dumb. Its over 6X the space. I'm sure if I recorded my MP3s at that bitrate, they would sound lossless too. Your music shouldn't be the same size as your videos. I used the CODEC in Winamp and I DLed the FLAC front end and tried them independently and got the same results. As much as I hate to say it, I dont see or hear the need for it's support. unless someone can show me a way to get the slider on the compression to go further than the program allows me to.

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