Tom Bihn Brain Bag

Tom Bihn Brain Bag

TomBihnBrain.jpgTom Bihn calls this the “ultimate” organizer, and sure enough the Brain Bag looks like it would be more at home on the shoulders of a mountaineer than an egghead. Festooned with zippers, clips, pouches, and pockets, there’s plenty of room for anything you might want to tote and literally dozens of pockets, nooks, and crannies to keep it all organized.

The bad news: This $140 bag doesn’t include a padded laptop sleeve. You’ll have to select from one of Tom Bihn’s sleeves (which range from $30 to $50 depending on size and style) to ride inside the backpack. Specialized clips hold the sleeve firmly in place in a special section of the bag, and combined with the bag’s padding, this makes it one of the most secure bags we tested.

Our only problem was in navigating all the pockets, which can be both overwhelming and difficult to open, thanks to some large-toothed zippers that tend to get stuck. Available in six colors, it’s an oversize bag for the traditionalist with a ton of gear, an underdeveloped sense of style, and a penchant for falling down a lot.

Month Reviewed: December 2006
Verdict: 6



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