Time to Freshen Up DirectX 9.0c - and 10, Too

Time to Freshen Up DirectX 9.0c - and 10, Too

The word from Redmond has been that DirectX 9.0c would be the 'last' version of DirectX for Windows XP. However, that doesn't mean that Microsoft is letting DirectX 9 get stale. Head over to the Microsoft website, and you can grab the June 2007 refresh of DirectX. It was released July 10, 2007, so it's barely "out of the oven." The web installer version is available here. The redistributable version (burn it to a CD) is available here.

Refreshing Vista, Not Just XP

Interestingly enough, the download page doesn't refer to the refresh as being specifically for DirectX 9.0c. Instead, it's called DirectX End-User Runtime. And, when you read the system requirements, Windows Vista and Windows XP editions stand side by side. Whazzup? As it turns out, this update contains beaucoup DX10 updates as well as the DX9 updates you'd expect.

What's New?

As you might expect with a Windows update, there's not a lot of detail on the Microsoft website: "DirectX includes security and performance updates, along with many new features across all technologies, which can be accessed by applications using the DirectX APIs."  The DirectX Software Development Kit has also been refreshed, so if you want to play the latest games, you will probably want to point your browser in Redmond's direction and start downloading. Windows Update ignores this update, so it's up to you.



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I'm so impressed with OpenGL games. They run on anything. Can you do that with DX10? Nope.

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