ThermalTakeTyphoon Mini


ThermalTakeTyphoon Mini


This cooler’s predecessor is the Big Typhoon—a great cooler, as long as your PC doesn’t have a side door. You see, that cooler is so damn big that it extends almost all the way to the door of most cases, depriving the cooler of a source of fresh air. Thermaltake recognized the issue and thus the Mini Typhoon was born.

The Mini’s “open frame” fan design allows it to suck air into its maw from above, and cool the CPU as well as the components around the CPU socket. In another major improvement, Thermaltake has totally revamped its retention mechanism with this cooler. Rather than using long screws and requiring mobo removal for LGA775, you now just drop the appropriate fastener over the base plate and secure it using the stock bracket (for both AMD and Intel).

Issues we encountered: There’s no way to secure the retention mechanism to the cooler, so it has a tendency to move around when you’re mounting the heatsink. During testing, we thought we secured the retention arm only to look down and see that the whole mechanism was misaligned. We’re also surprised that the arm hits the unit’s fins when you’re locking it into place, so you have to bend it outward, which seems like a design flaw.

Its cooling performance is totally acceptable, but it’s not a huge improvement over the stock cooler. It’s relatively quiet, but does run louder than other high-end coolers we’ve tested. The only time it was “silent” was when we enabled the Q-fan setting on our mobo, which reduces fan speed for quiet operation. With the fan speed lowered, it cooled only as well as the stock cooler, making it more of a lateral move than an upgrade.

Month Reviewed: September 2006

+THAI FOOD: Easy to install, cools decently, and cools entire CPU socket.

- TYPHOON: A smidge noisy, and the retention bar slides around.






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