Thermaltake Xaser VI (VG4000)



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Thorn heavy is it, really? I get it that its huge and heavy, but how heavy? Im taking that trolly seriously into consideration, since i live in an apartment on the 5th floor...But i hit the gym regularly, so i want to know if theres anyways me and my friend can just haul this thing for 50 meters and up the elevator?



I'm not usually this critical but I feel it necessary to help you with perspective. Couple of suggestions David...

1. Obviously a company that is selling a case for $289 is going to put more effort and money into design. It's not relevant to compare a $79 case with a $289 case. That's like comparing a Ford Edge with a BMW X5.
2. If we could afford a $289 case we wouldn't be looking at a $79 case
3. Weigh some pros and cons and give us a selection or case we can buy at different price lines. We'd all choose the BEST stuff if it was affordable but what if $289 isn't a reality, what case will suffice with what known tradeoffs.

I guess those that can't build cases sit back and critique those that do.

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