The Weighted Companion Pumpkin!

The Weighted Companion Pumpkin!

I've never carved a pumpkin in my life.

So when my roommates announced that we were carving pumpkins as a house bonding exercise, I was a little concerned. What should I carve? What could I carve that would be fun, challenging, and nerdy, and represent something I care deeply about?

I thought to myself, "Butters, what do you like?"

"Well, self," I thought, "I sure like cake. And. . . I love the Weighted Companion Cube!" Of course! And since, uh, I had to get rid of my last Weighted Companion Cube, what better way to celebrate Hallowe'en than with a Weighted Companion Pumpkin?

The inspiration! The Weighted Companion Cube from Valve's Portal (Orange Box).


The plans, done freehand (with the help of various household objects - a bowl, roll of duct tape, paperback book, sharpie).

The Enrichment Center reminds you that your Weighted Companion Pumpkin will never threaten to stab you, and in fact cannot speak. Although I'd certainly deserve it, after this.

I used a smaller pumpkin-carving knife to do the line work. This cheese knife was strictly for prying.

The finished product! For the inner lines and the cube's sides, I cut about a half-inch into the pumpkin. If I had cut the whole way, the cube would have fallen apart and I would look pretty dumb.

Add a string of lights to the middle (for that lovely pinkish glow), and my Weighted Companion Pumpkin is done! (click to embiggen)


For more pics or higher res shots, email nathan[at]





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Great pumpkin! Along these lines, check out the latest toon of Weebl & Bob. Great fun!




Well done, good Butters.

I'm sad to report that my Guitar Hero pumpkin was a complete and total bust. See, PCs *are* better than consoles...

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