The USB Device Smart Shopping Guide



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This seems a smart shopping guide indeed! I mean it's not very difficult to buy devices using USB ports but sometimes some advice is useful. Nowadays though, you can find these devices anywhere and they are pretty cheap because there is a big competition out there. When I was in vacation last year and I was trying to chose one of the Shanghai restaurants to have dinner I was shocked to see so many computer stores in that area.



One thing that's incorrect about your guide is that there are self-powered USB 1.1 hubs floating around out there. They're still slow as molasses, but they will at least power your devices.

I've got one on my rig; makes for a cheap and handy place to plug in devices that don't need a ton of bandwidth, like keyboards, mice, gamepads, etc.



Thanks for pointing out that USB 1.1 hubs still have a place on some PCs. In this article, I was referring specifically to the "Black Friday" mini-hub offerings that lack AC adapters, but I appreciate the clarification that some USB 1.1 hubs do include AC adapters (I still have a USB 1.1 hub hanging around my shop).

My main gripe with the big-box stores pushing USB 1.1 hubs at this late date is that unwary consumers may buy them for use with all of their USB devices - and then wonder why their USB 2.0 devices are so slow.
It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



I never knew there was so much to think about when buying USB stuff!

Jondi "RPGgddss" Schmitt
Your friendly neighborhood techie Tupperware lady

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