The Mod Shop: Hone Your Battle Modding Skills

The Mod Shop: Hone Your Battle Modding Skills

Well, the Mod Shop has been open for about a week now and the first round of the first Tournament Battle is about to end! Get your votes in. Next round will be 32 systems in 16 battles. You don’t have to have a mod to vote – just go through the battles and see which you like and exercise your freedom of mod choice. Push that vote button!

However, if you are a modder, here are a few tips from Sam Tzu’s (Sun Tzu distant cousin) Ancient Art of War Modding (Of which I have the only copy – thank you. Paid $17.23 and a collectable Buzz Cola).

“The Peacock does not impress with tail down”

When you post pics to your mod log, remember to pick your featured image wisely. This is the image all will see first. Put your best foot forward! The image size of the Battle preview image (your featured image as seen during battle) is 250 x 375 (portrait). For best results, make sure your featured image is that ratio and at least that size.

“Guests will not come to dinner if you don’t invite them.”

The Mod Shop uses tags to help visitors and members alike navigate around to mods they find interesting. Choose your tags wisely. A tag so unique only your mod has it will not be very useful and will get hidden in the list. But, a very broad tag (like “Computer Mod”) will leave your mod swimming in a crowded sea other mods. It is best to pick most of your tags from ones already in use. Then pick one or two tags that are more specific (hay, new tags have to start somehow).

“Modding is not just about Battle”

The Mod Shop is not simply a place to put mods up for battle. It is a unique solution to the old problem of trying to fit the round peg of the “Mod Log” into the square hole of the typical forum format. When you register for the Mod Shop, you effectively get your own mod log space in a format that is catered to mod logging. You choose when (and if) your rig is ready for battle. If you wish, you can skip all the battles and just use the Mod Shop to host your logs. You can even pick a custom linked image to post in your home forum and bring folks to your log (that would be Maximum PC’s Modder’s Workshop right?). Think of it as a mix of a modder’s “My Space” and “You Tube” for modders. Of course, if you don’t enter a tourney, you can’t win! Did I mention there are (BIG) prizes?

Happy moddin’

Today’s bling is DeathStarChris’ Maximum PC Mod. Forum member Wolf stumbled on this glorious rig last week (Over at ). Rumor has that it will be in the Mod Shop very soon!




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