10 Most Powerful Computers of All Time



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Keith E. Whisman

How about the Cylons from BattleStar Gallactica they were all computer controlled sentient robots.

Also I just got a RoboSapien from Wall Mart for 30bucks on sale so would he count.. He certainly is cool.




What about Colossus the super computer that tried to take over the world. 

 Colossus: The Forbin Project from 1970.



 Was the tardis in the mag's print countdown? I don't remember seeing it. Nice that some of the computers listed have alternate explanations from the print mag too.

I would have to agree about Deep thought and the Earth.... wspecially since I'm not sure I'd count the tardis as a "computer" either. Still it's nice to see it turning up everywhere from time to time.

This list stuff is a great idea. Muy fun!


"There's no time like the future."


Keith E. Whisman

Tony Stark in Iron Man has an awsome household and engineering computer system. Also I hear that Bill Gates has an awsome Household computer system with everything that money can buy. Even stuff that isn't available yet. His windows double as computer screens. It's awsome. I only know a little bit about his computerized house and the rest is speculation but it makes me hot to think about it.


Nick Burns

No mention of the computer that nearly killed Superman.

And let's not forget Braniac himself.



Umm, skuze me, but what about Orac from Blake's 7??  That thing predated House by decades.





haha I was about to say the same damn thing Orac and the libarators own battle computer Zen



What about the Bat Computer in the Bat Cave? Now that thing was bad ass. Push a few random flashing buttons and a card pops out with the location of Joker's next crime. It was even labeled BAT COMPUTER in case it wasn't obvious.

It's been a while since I've watched but I'm pretty sure the Super Friends has a pretty sweet rig in the Hall of Justice too...



Um, how about Teletraan-1 from The Transformers, pretty bad ass computer in my book.



The Knight Industries Two Thousand.  It talk, it drives, it jumps, it has a built in ATM, it has x-ray vision.  It can even turn off your alarm from your garage.  It also plays video games with you.  It had cell phone tech before the old bricks came out.  It has not one but TWO displays.  And it was your vary own doctor-friend-shrink-baby sitter-alarm clock-chaufer-bullet proof shield-jokester-portable tv. And he taught Topanga in Boy Meets World.  Bonnie wasn't too hard to look at tho.

 I have watched the new stuff.  They ruined the turbo boost concept but not too bad.

As far as I know ALL those other computers couldn't handle getting shot...with the exception of the one in the Enterprise...but it shot back.  And KITT was the only one that would get u laid....sure worked for the hoff.



I have to agree with this one!



Woah woah woah. Where is Deep Thought or Earth? The computers that could calculate that answer and the question (respectively) to the Great Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything! For shame, Max PC



SkyNet, anyone?

   Come with it's own army!! 



You say deep blue gives insight into computer overlords while skynet took over the world





Do Daleks count?


What about Master Mold? He was a sentient machine that built Sentinals in his chest.

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