The Hardest Mod

The Hardest Mod

I’ve been doing some form of modding (computer related or no) for most of my life. To me, it's about the fun of creating. The end product is simply a by-product of the fun. Sometimes that product is useful. Sometimes that product is best described as an exercise. I never really understood folks who bought pre-modded cases. Where is the fun in that? That was before I tried to mod my house.

It started simple enough, a simple in-the-box mod. Nothing even that fancy - a nice Myst inspired fan, some paint, particular attention to wire and cable management (and I do mean cable). I figured it would take just a few months and, while it would put a stop to any other projects, I could handle that. But as they say in Rome, things can happen on the way to the forum, and I had occasion to visit many forums.

First though, I had to repair the previous (poor) attempt (I didn't do it) to convert an 800 square foot garage into some added living space. Upon first seeing it, I knew the potential. With just a bit of work I could have a garage, shop, and office. It was a true man cave waiting to happen. I figured three months work max.

One year and many months later I'm down to the finishing details. Yeah right, three months. What was I thinking? In the process, I began to understand why some folks buy pre-modded cases. I wish I had considered a pre-modded house. Sure, I saved 80% of the price, but I lost more than a year of fun and life.

Slowly, I unpack the boxes. It will be another month or so before everything is in its place. In just a few weeks my modded room will be a functional office, and in a few more, finished completely (well, almost). I have to say I learned some things that I will try to apply to future mods. The big lesson is that modding your PC isn't that big a hassle, at worst, you have to check your email from another computer until you're done. Modding your house can be a nightmare journey, and one that actually causes mental trauma. For over a year I could do little in my house but watch TV. Even using my computer was hard to accomplish. It has been a hard fought modding and learning experience.

Some wise person once said, "Life is about the journey, not the destination." Trust me people, sometimes life is better when you skip the journey. I now "get" folks who go the pre-modded route. I'm still not going to by any pre-modded cases, but, but I’m not going to look down on the folks who buy their mods instead of build them. And, I will never take my hammer for granted again!

Most importantly, I will never, ever attempt another mod without very careful consideration for all the possible pitfalls. It’s just not worth it.

Dear God Man! What Am I Saying?

Happy Moddin’

This weeks bit of bling comes from Crimson Sky at TBCS.



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You wouldn't use a chainsaw to mod a case...

You just needed the right hammer!



Good read. I understand your pain. My first home in 03 needed much modding. Bought one like that on purpose for investment. For the 2 years we lived there, we enjoyed it in a complete and pristine shape for a total of 2 months before movin go to our new "pre-modded" freshly built home. The hard work paid off, but it took a lot of my time and sanity.


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