The Elder Scrolls: Crysis



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Keith E. Whisman

I don't think you can download it but if you click on the Blue box that says GTSD in it the video will start streaming ala youtube.



So where is the link to download this?



The visuals are sweet.

AFA what games should be remade with today's graphics...
the list is endless. So many good games out there that today's gamers haven't even seen or heard of. And so many are better than the crap that's out there now, at least in concept.

Thank the heavens for places like retro remakes, and groups like AGD Interactive.

Give me a year to start compiling my list.

Hey, perhaps this is the bag of tricks for PC gaming to fight consoles!


Keith E. Whisman

Now I just got an Idea. Hollywood has for a long time remade old films and tv shows with current technology and culture. Look at I am legend. Sure it sucks but it's just a remake of Omega man with Charleston Heston. Omega Man was crap but I still liked it when I was young.
Why not do the same with computer games?
Why not make a new game based on the latest technology remaking old games like Triad and descent, duck hunt, well not really duck hunt.
Xwing. These would be new games with new actors, new code and new graphics. Glitches in the old games that made them suck can be fixed in the new games. This can work. Look at Doom 3. Doom 3 was a remake for Doom 1. There are alot of old games. Imagine what Wolfenstein 3d would look like if it were made today. The graphics would be phenominal.

Pac man with HDR and FSAA and everything els..:)


Keith E. Whisman

OMFG that is sweet. Really really freaking sweet.
Yes I just watched that video.
Now everygame world should have graphics like that. And good fun gaming as well.



Oh wow, that is indeed sweet.

Absolutely amazing, the level of detail in the CryEngine2 and Elder Scrolls.

I've not played Oblivion, but I have played Crysis on this computer that I'm on at the moment.

Yes, I do agree, games should use this engine to render everything.

I wonder if that's possible?

Dovie'andi se tovya sagain... It's time to toss the dice

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