The $500 PC Build-Off



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My first comp build costed me about $300 or so and could run most games fairly repectively, now my $800 machine can run Crysis on Med-High at 26 fps, with liquid cooling ad sli graphix



I think the mistake both editors made here was going with Intel silicon. Athlon 64 X2s would probably be more cost-effective at this price point. A quick glance at Pricewatch shows the C2D E4300 going at $138.49, which is more than an Athlon 64 X2 5200 (going at $128.97), and motherboard prices are comparable. Sure, the C2D is a better chip family, but I think that, considering both sides were forced to go with the slowest C2D, the Athlon chip would probably outdo it nicely.

Oh, and I do agree with EBM as far as this serving a portion of your audience that normally goes unserved. I wouldn't mind seeing a few articles like this in the future -- I don't want to see MaxPC lose its gonzo, balls-to-the-wall attitude, but how about an occasional article putting, say, graphics card under $150 head to head? Call it the "Best of the Rest" or something.



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Microsoft has encountered a critical system error and must now shut down. Better get Bill Gate$ on the phone for this one.......

A few months ago...I voiced my displeasure that MaximumPC wasn't doing enough for some of its readers, in that not everyone could afford to drop the kind of money to build a DECENT gaming computer.
You folks have taken that to heart...and given people options as far as attempting to build cheaper rigs...and in that I give you many kudos.
Tell me about ordering some parts from eBay next time??

Glenn Condrey



I loved Gordon's review of Dave's rig. so funny

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