Ten Reasons I Love My Nintendo DS

Ten Reasons I Love My Nintendo DS

I was planning to talk about this really cool thermal imager we have in the lab, but that post was taking too long to put together and make funny, so instead I'm going to fall back on the Internet's equivalent of dick and fart jokes, the top ten list. (Don't worry, I'll still talk about the thermal imager on Wednesday, and I'll post a bunch of cool pictures).


Top Ten Reasons I Love My Nintendo DS!!!

in loving memory of my silver old-school DS, which was superior in every way to my new black DS lite except size, screen brightness, and shiny-ness

10. It Looks Like a Toy, But It's Real Hardware

PC in 1998-level hardware: Check. Two decent resolution screen: Check. Real-analog input method: Check. Wi-Fi: Check. I'm going to tell you guys a secret, but Metroid Prime: Hunters is essentially Quake, complete with four-player Internet multiplay. Yes, the whole friends code system is lame, but this toy console that fits in your pocket can play a Quake-quality shooter over the Internet. That's R.A.D.

9. 4,017,837,982,990,003 Games

OK, that might be a slight exaggeration. However, there are literally thousands of games. There are games that tell you how smart you are, puzzle games, sports games, marble rolling games, Mario games, strategy games, shooters, Bejeweled-based RPGs, everything. Everyone always says this, and it's never true, but there is literally a game for everyone on the DS.

8. It's Two-Two-Two Games in One!

It's got a DS slot on the top for spiffy new games, but there's also an emergency backup GameBoy Advance slot on the bottom, for those times when one game just isn't enough. Consider that you can get nearly every NES and SNES game in the GBA form cheap on eBay, and it's suddenly much more compelling.

7. It's Both Shiny and Matte

I like shiny stuff. I also like matte stuff. What can I say? I'm weak.

6. It's the Perfect Platform for Old PC Games

I'm a sucker for the nostalgia title. I played A Link to the Past, Super Mario World, and a ton of old games from my misspent youth. But, with the touchscreen and decent hardware, the DS is ripe for straight ports of PC classics. Why isn't StarCraft or Dune II available on DS? Why not Fallout or Baldur's Gate? Here's the secret guys, the touch-screen is a MOUSE!!!

5. Brain Age + Alcohol = Fun

Brain Age makes you finish a series of increasingly difficult memory and logic challenges, then assigns an arbitrary number based on those results--your Brain Age, as it were. Take a bar full of drunken geeks and give them all the Brain Age test will actually prevent them from spending 3 hours talking about whether a Super Star Destroyer would beat the Enterprise in a fight.

4. America's Next Top Model

You know all the crappy TV your wife/girlfriend wants you to watch while you're spending "quality time" together? A DS and a few games means that you can get some quality game time in and still not miss the good bits, if you know what I mean, guys.

3. It's Like Timeshifting for Games

It makes me sad, but I don't have time to play 70-hour PC games anymore. I didn't even start Neverwinter Nights 2 and I only closed one Oblivion gate. But, I just finished Final Fantasy 3 on the DS. Why? I could pick it up and play when I had 20 minutes, then close the lid and put it in suspend mode when I run out of time. The next time I pick up the game, I start exactly where I left off.

2. I Got One For My Wife, And She Wasn't Pissed

In fact, she was legitimately excited, unlike the time that I bought her a bowling ball with Will engraved above the holes. I got her a copy of MarioKart DS and a shiny red DS, and she takes it with her every time she leaves town.

1. DS Owners Live on the Edge

That's right. That's me, rockin' the Wi-Fi multiplayer. I'm in seat 13c on the flight from San Francisco to wherever, cheating death with every single deathmatch. Wi-Fi on the airplane?!? Yes, that's crazy. Yes, that's reckless. Yes, that's awesome. Also, beating some smarmy 13-year old at anything warms my heart.

Besides, it's cheap. A new DS Lite costs about $130, and most of the games clock in at $30 or less. I have a serious gaming hardware jones, but compared to a $500 videocard or a $800 CPU, I was willing to take a chance on a $130 handheld, and I'm sure as hell glad I did. If you're thinking of getting one, make sure you get a good game or two. Like all really popular platforms, there are a lot of great games, but there's also a bunch of crap. If you ask really nicely, I'll put together a list of my five or six favorite DS titles.



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You forgot to mention another key reason for loving the DS.....HOMEBREW!!!



I love metroid, mario kart, brain age, phoenix wright, and trauma center.

I also have a PSP, but it is collecting Dust. When the new slim psp comes out I might consider upgrading and picking up some new games, but for now...NINTENDO!!!!!!!!

Finally, Fallout DS would be amazing!



If you have not tried Metroid prime hunters,
go get a copy , try it.
Its the closest thing to PC keyboard and mouse that there is outside a PC.
4 player death match in your pocket.
FYI i still play with a DS Fat



its wednesday.... I wanna see the cool pictures!! 0.o



Let's have that list of your top 5 or 6 favorite games Will, and there had better not be any froo-froo stuff in there like Barbie Make-up Artist either!!!



You're not going to trick me into listing Pokeman either :P

Top 5 Most Played are:

  • New Super Mario Brothers
  • Brain Age
  • MarioKart DS
  • Tetris
  • Puzzle Quest

My 5 Favorites are:

  • Phoenix Wright
  • Trauma Center (although the Wii version is better, if you haven't played it)
  • New Super Mario Brothers
  • Hotel Dusk
  • Metroid Prime Hunters
  • Final Fantasy III (but I wouldn't recommend that to non-masochists

I feel like I'm missing some stuff, so I'll look at my stack of games tonight, and make sure I didn't forget anything brilliant.



yeah! I knew I am not the only one that loves classic Super Mario Bros.... the New game is great



The DS have never really sparked my interest, but how come your old one was superior to your new one?



There's not any real reason. I carried it with me almost everywhere I went for about two years, so it's an irrational kind of thing. The new ones are very cool and slick, but the original has a kind of clunky, uncool charm. At least for me.

I replaced it because I dropped it for the nth time a week or so ago, and the sound has been wonky ever since.

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