Technology Comes to the Toilet

Technology Comes to the Toilet

I recently attended the PCBC homebuilder’s conference in San Francisco and encountered what has to be the world’s coolest toilet seat. If I hadn’t already blown so much money turning my new house into a real-world test lab, I would have ordered one on the spot.

Toto’s new Washlet S400 has every technological feature you can imagine, including a wireless remote control. That’s right, a remote-controlled toilet seat (just be sure and drop it into the wall-mounted holder when you’re finished, so it doesn’t get lost like all the remotes in your living room).

The Washlet S400's "user sensor" won't allow the seat's cleansing functions to operate unless it detects a body sitting on the seat.

What could be better for us guys than pushing a button to raise and lower the seat without having to touch it? (Seat and lid both automatically close when you walk away from the unit.) And geeks of both sexes will appreciate having their bottom warmed by the heated seat (choose from temperature settings of 86- to 104 degrees Fahrenheit).



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Anything with enough juice to heat a seat and dry my undercarriage does not need to be within inches of both my privates and a hopper full of liquid; especially when it intends to coat said undercarriage with a nice spritz of water just to improve conductivity.

Besides that, you now have this portable germ vessel (the control unit) that can now occasionally get dropped down in the soup.

No thanks, I'll still with American Standard's Plain-Jane!



I live in Japan. Toilet seats like this are very, very common here. I don’t have one in my cheap, rented apartment, but we have them at work. Lots of department stores, restaurants, etc. have them although most don’t have the raising and lowering feature.

The hot air will dry you off...if you’re willing to sit on the toilet for 6~7 minutes for it to do so. I usually do the wash and then 30 seconds of air and then paper. I do actually have more to do at work than sit on the toilet all day.



I think it's totally awesome! So if I understand right, the washing and air drying replaces wiping?



I'm genuinely scared to check out the videos.

Look behind you! A THREE-headed monkey!!!!!!!!



When they add a auto wiper, I'm in.



For the first time in my life I'm speachless to a MPC article....

Al Bundy on the other hand would be in heaven

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