Symantec: Global Spam Down by a Third Since Dismantling Rustock Botnet



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i noticed a riise of 0 emails a day to 0 email (spame that is)



I've noticed a reduction in my Gmail spam filter. I don't usually clean it out (it deletes itself after 30 days), but I was running between 310 and 330 messages in the spam folder. It has definitely dropped over the last several days (not quite a third.. yet), and is now down to 243.



As I reported earlier, my spam levels certainly dropped down, with my spam filter getting down to 224 messages in the previous 30 days. However, now my spam filter is picking up again. I'm up to 282 and climbing. If that is a larger trend, then someone is unfortunately picking up the slack.



I have had probably closer to 45-50% drop. I was having to clean out about 150 junk emails on my junk email account a week before the news of the spam takedown. Now it is closer to 70 or less.



I haven't seen a drop in spam I've actually noticed a rise this past week from 10 emails a day to 20-30 emails a day.

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