Storm Worm Strikes Again - and Blasts from the Past, Part 1

Storm Worm Strikes Again - and Blasts from the Past, Part 1

Storm Worm Prepares to Rings Out 2007...

UK's the Register website reports that the Storm Worm, which first surfaced in January 2007, has been making the rounds again, first with email messages sent out on December 24th containing links to scantily clad young women in Santa Claus suits, and since then with messages directing users to a malicious website called

...Just as It Rung In 2007

How bad is the Storm Worm? While the Storm Worm (so named because its original version used the subject line '230 dead as storm batters Europe'), points users to various fake websites for various types of downloads, the malware is always some variant of the Small.DAM Trojan. Small.DAM installs the wincom32 service and turns the computer into a member of a botnet network that can send thousands of emails in a few minutes. The Wikipedia entry for Storm Worm contains plenty of references to its history and variants.

Calming the 'Storm'

Stop the Storm Worm by using up-to-date antivirus and antimalware programs, and remind your less technically-adept friends and families that Santa Claus doesn't encourage naughty behavior and that 'free' postcard messages from unfamiliar servers always have a high cost.

My Favorite Blog Posts from 2007, Numbers 10-7

Here are my favorite 'blasts from the past' from 2007: the blog posts that gathered lots of diggs and/or comments while shedding more light on difficult subjects.


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the number 10 link does not work



...the link to number 10 is now working. Happy New Year!
It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



6-4 next? Mark you dog, you know we can't possibly handle more than 6-5! This is crazy talk!...

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